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Application : Control temperature, humidity, pressure, flow & PH.

FY series controllers are microprocessor based controllers, which have been designed with high accuracy input, various output selection, useful options & good reliability at a competitive price.

FY series use "PID+FUZZY" algorithm to implement excellent control. The output status is displayed on the built in "Bar-Graph" display.

FY series not only provide the basic control output selections but also plus advanced options such as "Motor Valve Control", "SCR/TRIAC Trigger" & "Programmable RAMP/SOAK".

FY Series support MODBUS protocol. Communication with HMI is more convenient. New additional HBA function with competitive price, user can upgrade system safety easy.

Available in 5 sizes, the models & sizes are as below :

  • FY400: 48X48mm (DIN 1/16)
  • FY600/800: 48X96mm (DIN 1/8)
  • FY700: 72X72mm (DIN 3/16)
  • FY900: 96X96mm (DIN 1/4)

  • All models get CE & UL approval.

  • Operate on any voltage from AC85~265V at     50/60Hz.

  • DC 24V is also available(optional function).

  • IP65 dust & water proof is     available for all models     (optional function).

  • Heater current flowing through CT can be     displayed on controller.

  • If heater current is less than HBA set value,     AL1 will be activated(optional function).

  • FY series supports both MODBUS     RTU & MODBUS ASCII protocol.

  • Communication between controller     & HMI or other equipment is more     convenient(optional function).

  • AT Function can calculate the optimise     PID value for your control system,     without trying & error manually.

  • Conveniently switched between     auto/manual output mode by     clicking "A/M" key(except "FY400")

  • Real time monitor the status of output     (OUT1/OUT2), AT, alarm(AL1/AL2/AL3),     manual output(MAN) & program(PRO
  • )

  • Output percent displayed on the     bar-graph in 10 LEDs resolution     (except "FY400")

  • Input with 14bit A/D     resolution, 0.2% accuracy of     FS.

  • Built in "AutoZero-AutoSpan"     function keep good accuracy.

  • All parameters are seperated in     3 operation levels.

  • Each parameter can be hidden     or locked to prevent     unauthorized changes.

  • A FEATURES: FY Series

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